Top tips when cruising with MSC Cruises

I have been on two MSC Cruises and here are my top tips when cruising

  • Download the MSC for me app before you travel.
  • Make sure you check the MSC daily programme.
  • Before your cruise check out the theme nights during your cruise.
  • If you have cruised with other cruise lines make sure you status match with MSC voyagers club.
  • If your in the MSC voyager club make sure you take advantage of all your perks.
  • Prebook internet,drinks packages or any extras before you go as you will save the 15% service charge if you booked onboard.
  • You can use chat on MSC for me to message other family members for free and this does not require an internet package.
  • Buy a Mia Tui Sue Shopper great bag to take towels to pool area or trips ashore. Do check out their other bags for example Falmouth Beach bag, Isobel
  • Buy a MSC for Me Wristband they are great for using when using slides or getting drinks and getting in your cabin.
  • When you are using the spa make sure you take your cruise card as you need to hand it in at reception. I made the mistake of leaving it in cabin. I therefore had to walk all the way back to cabin to collect it.
  • Remember your cruise card when getting off the ship.
  • Make sure you take your daily programme ashore as it has all emergency information.
  • Use the MSC shuttle buses as it will save you time and prevent you getting lost.
  • Check the departure time at each port to prevent you missing the ship.
  • Don’t forget to register your credit card at one of the activation points.
  • Take Sellotape to tape labels on suitcases we always put two on 1 on both handles just incase one label falls off.
  • Finally have a wonderful cruise and enjoy all the yummy food,drink and ports.

I hope you find this useful.

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My wonderful adventure on the Bellissima

Introduction of my adventure on Bellissima

MSC Bellissima was the ship we sailed on in May. I travelled from Newark to London Kings Cross via LNER and then Thameslink from London Kings Cross St Pancreas direct to Gatwick Airport.

Plane Journey

Our 1st little adventure started when they tried to land at Genoa and unfortunately it was impossible due to high winds so we had to land at Milan Airport. The Airline arranged a coach from Milan Airport to Genoa port and we made it in time thank goodness. It was little stressful but we survived this little hiccup.

We arrived at Genoa cruise terminal to see the beautiful Bellissima and we think we were the last group to embark. Once onboard we made our way to our gorgeous cabin on deck 10. My Mum and I were lucky to get an upgrade from MSC, thank you very much. We booked an outside fantastica cabin and received a balcony fantastica

Our Cabin was the end cabin 2 decks above the lifeboats.

We then went to get some yummy pizza and a drink which was really needed as we were both starving. After some much needed food we went to the muster drill as it is such a important event. On MSC they had a daily programme as well as on the app which tells you everything that is going on. There is some fantastic activities that are happening each day so do check when you receive this the night before.

After Muster drill we went back to the cabin and our luggage had arrived so we started unpacking. I always worry about my luggage so very relieved when I see our suitcases sitting outside my door. My holiday can finally start.

Our Cabin

This is a photo of our fantastica balcony cabin on the MSC Bellissima . Our cabin was on deck 10 and was 10191


Daily Programme

This Daily Programme is delivered each evening and left on your bed. It is also available on the MSC app I would highly recommend you download the app before you go.

The App

Drinks Packages

We were very lucky to get a free premium drinks package which was fantastic and there was amazing choice of different drinks included. They will scan either your cruise card or wristband. You do have to pay for the wristband which was 5 euros

Our Cruise on MSC Bellissima

We had an amazing cruise and the staff were all very welcoming and made sure everything was perfect. The staff are extremely hard working and seemed to remember you which we thought was incredible considering there is 5,000 passengers. We were very lucky to have a table for 2 in the dining room which is rare when we cruised with other cruise lines. We never requested a table for 2 so we were extremely lucky. Our restaurant was the lighthouse restaurant which is situated at the aft which is the back of the ship. We loved going to the daytime activities and won a few prizes which was a bonus. The entertainment staff were very enthusiastic and made their games very enjoyable.


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Handy tips when cruising

This blog will help you on your 1st cruise. My family and I have been on a number of cruises. I always study the brochure very carefully to see where the best cabins are and what cabins you should avoid. I have cruised both P&O and Cunard. If you have any questions please get in touch.

  • Ring a number of different agents as the price can differ enormously.
  • Don’t accept an upgrade if you want to be in a specific area as you could be put anywhere on the ship.
  • If you are on your 1st cruise I would advise going midships and lower as you will feel less movement.
  • Take sickness wrist bands and tablets just in case you need them. They do sell them on the ship but they will be more expensive.
  • When looking at cabin deck plans look what is above and below. I would personally avoid been under the swimming pools or prom deck. This is so you do not get an early wake-up call when the crew are arranging the deck chairs
  • Each day they will give you a newsletter of what will be on the following day. We always look what we want to do the previous day so we don’t miss any important competitions.
  • If you are with a few family members we leave notes of where we will be at what time so we don’t lose each other. We sometimes leave notes in the letter holder outside the cabin.
  • If you do use the internet remember to log out, I forgot one time.
  • Don’t put your phone near your cruise card as it will stop you getting in your cabin. I was doing this constantly on my last cruise.
  • Check what evenings have which dress code as you don’t want to miss the Captain’s dinner. The menu on those evenings is really special and my friends unfortunately booked an alternative restaurant and felt rather cheated.
  • Don’t forget your pegs as they have a line in the bathroom.
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