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This blog will help you on your 1st cruise. My family and I have been on a number of cruises. I always study the brochure very carefully to see where the best cabins are and what cabins you should avoid. I have cruised both P&O and Cunard. If you have any questions please get in touch.

  • Ring a number of different agents as the price can differ enormously.
  • Don’t accept an upgrade if you want to be in a specific area as you could be put anywhere on the ship.
  • If you are on your 1st cruise I would advise going midships and lower as you will feel less movement.
  • Take sickness wrist bands and tablets just in case you need them. They do sell them on the ship but they will be more expensive.
  • When looking at cabin deck plans look what is above and below. I would personally avoid been under the swimming pools or prom deck. This is so you do not get an early wake-up call when the crew are arranging the deck chairs
  • Each day they will give you a newsletter of what will be on the following day. We always look what we want to do the previous day so we don’t miss any important competitions.
  • If you are with a few family members we leave notes of where we will be at what time so we don’t lose each other. We sometimes leave notes in the letter holder outside the cabin.
  • If you do use the internet remember to log out, I forgot one time.
  • Don’t put your phone near your cruise card as it will stop you getting in your cabin. I was doing this constantly on my last cruise.
  • Check what evenings have which dress code as you don’t want to miss the Captain’s dinner. The menu on those evenings is really special and my friends unfortunately booked an alternative restaurant and felt rather cheated.
  • Don’t forget your pegs as they have a line in the bathroom.

18 thoughts on “Handy tips when cruising”

  1. And order seconds of that lobster! I love cruising! Totally have cruise fever!

    1. Hi sorry for delay in replying I have only just seen this. The ships are big and the majority of the time you don’t feel it. If fact you forget you are on a ship. If it does get rough I stay on the lower decks and midships. Try ginger biscuits they help with sea sickness. I hope this helps.

      1. That’s good to know. I really want do a cruise but I don’t like the sickness! I have found Scopoderm patches work really well but I got some side effects.

      2. The wrist bands don’t work & nor do prescription tablets. It might just be the Bay of Biscay though as it’s always really choppy & the boat tends to roll a lot

      3. Thanks for the reply. I really want to do a cruise but the sea sickness puts me off. I’ve started using Scopoderm peaches which work really well but I get some weird side effects

  2. Pack – Ginger Gum, sold at CVS..also any trip/vacation- bring Pepto Bismol ..this has an ingredient that attacks any stomach virus.

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