The tennis lesson I survived !!!!


Today I did my 1st tennis lesson in a number of years and I survived I split the lesson with my Mum as the class was a 1hr 30 minutes and we both felt it was too long for either of us. We both did 45 mins each which was perfect.

I arrived and looked the part with my tennis bag and switched with my Mum. First of all my tennis lesson didn’t start very well when I got my squash racket out by mistake!!!! I bet the poor other players were thinking who is this crazy player with all the gear.

At the beginning of the lesson I was not hitting all the balls, but I was enjoying myself which was the main thing. I think if you enjoy a hobby you always work harder and get better.  Unfortunately in one game I nearly knocked one player out but he ducked his head at just the right time. Poor man. I nearly knocked the coach as well. Apart from that, I had some good shots. !!!!!

To conclude my lesson I realise I need to practice hitting the balls lower and keeping my ball in the court  I am playing on and not the court next door. I need to get my serve a little stronger and more consistent which will come with games of tennis.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. If you have any any amusing tennis stories please comment on the link below.



6 Comments on “The tennis lesson I survived !!!!

  1. LOL. Sounds like some of the other players got some extra exercise dodging your errant balls. That said, the last time I played tennis I barely managed to hit the ball at all. You’re clearly well beyond my skill level! Keep it up and soon you’ll be feeling like a pro!

    • Yes it was quite funny. I think they will be relieved I did not manage to get a space next week. I hope I will be a pro soon. 😀

  2. I love tennis, definitely need to practice more! You’ll get back into the swing of things soon!

  3. Lol. Oops. Good for you for learning something new.

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