Handy tips on how to pack light


First of all this blog is Handy tips on how to pack light. Anyone who knows me well knows I do not find it easy to pack light but I have managed to find some easy solutions to have a weeks clothes in a carry on case. Here are my tips.

  • I use travel bottles for skin care products or if I can I will get some free samples from my favourite brands which pack even smaller.
  • These packing cubes which compress even smaller and much easier when you get to your destination. I have used these and they are brilliant. I got a pack of six in different sizes.


  • I use a small box with compartments for jewellery it’s really easy to use for earring, bracelets and necklaces. This product was bought from amazon and was incredibly cheap. My Mum saw how useful the box was that she asked me to order her one on our return from our trip.


Mia Tui has an excellent selection of bags for travelling. Some of their bags have a cabin compliant PVC bag which is useful going through security. You can purchase a pack of 3 bags all different sizes which is very useful for all occasions.


pvc bags

  • Buy a Go travel worldwide travel adaptor it has 2 USB charging plugs.


  • Pack your lightest shoes and wear your heaviest.

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  1. Alleviate Stress- When you are finished packing, place all luggage on a table,open luggage, REMOVE one half of contents,close luggage, place those items back into your closet and drawers,,go on vacation. Thank you !

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